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About Us

Debbie and Joey Crampton are proud to take over the wonderful company that Kelly Hawes has created with her hard work and commitment to helping our children and environment.  We will work hard to ensure Heritage Kids provides quality and eco-friendly toys and to ensure excellent customer service.


Heritage Kids

An online childrens boutique specializing in furnishings, decor, and toys that will stand the test of time and allow children to Play, Explore, and Discover the world around them.

The Inspiration

Created by mother-of-two, Kelly Hawes, Heritage Kids evolved from the principal that we should purchase items for our children that they will love, that will grow with them, and be of high quality construction so they can be passed on to future generations to enjoy.

While traveling through Europe, Asia, and North America, Kelly noticed the similarities in how children around the world play and the quality of the toys children played with. Realizing the consistencies in the toys children cherished, Kelly decided to source items that were truly timeless and well designed to share with fellow discerning parents, thereby opening Heritage Kids in September, 2006

Why the name Heritage Kids?
Heritage, by definition, is the legacy of physical artifacts and inherited attributes, pasted on from generation-to-generation. The values we teach our children, the gifts we give, and the time we spend with our family is our Heritage; it is what we pass on to future generations.


Our Kids are our future. Their young world is shaped by the toys around them and their interactions with friends and family. Children learn through play, and their toys are their tools.

Our Green Philosophy
Heritage Kids is an Environmentally Conscious Company.  Through sourcing the finest wood, bamboo, Oeko-Tex, and organic items, Heritage Kids strives to reduce our generations impact on the environment.


Not all of the products on the website are green, however, when selecting brands, Heritage Kids will choose items by manufacturers of environmentally conscious and ethical products, over those who are not.

What About Play Value?

All of our toys are selected for their quality design, function, durability, and play value.  A toy purchased from Heritage Kids is guaranteed to educate, stimulate, and inspire creativity. 


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