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Anatomy Layer Wood Puzzle - Boy
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Wow, look at me...all of me!

The Anatomy Layer Wood Puzzle by beleduc - Hape International, is a creative educational wood puzzle for preschoolers.  Each of the five layers of the wood puzzle unveil a new component of how your body looks and works underneath clothes, skin, muscles, bones and organs. 

Children have tons of questions about their bodies. Let this educational wood puzzle be your teaching tool!

Created of natural birch wood, painted with non-toxic water soluble paints.

Contains 24 pieces within the 5 layers of the wood puzzle.

Puzzle measures 11 x 5 inches.

Ages 4+

About Beleduc
Beleduc is known for their unique designs and quality craftsmanship. Beleduc (Bel = Belgium, Educ = Educational) combines the very latest in technology with traditional handmade methods of product development.

The result is toys that are engaging, attractive, while meeting a child's developmental needs. Beleduc creates whimsical puppets, unique, endearing birch wood puzzles and eco-friendly wood games which keep children playing, active and learning.

An Eco-Friendly Toy from Heritage Kids!

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